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Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF)

Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF) is a Leading Application and Market for Global Scrap Tire Processors! 
Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF) is a fuel derived from scrap tires of all sizes. TDF is typically found in a 6" -2" inch minus chip size with or without steel removed. TDF is primarily used as a supplemental energy source when burned for energy production. 
This application is the oldest and most developed market in the USA and aboard. Industrial pulp and paper mills, cement kilns, and electric facilities use TDF in combination to increase boiler efficiencies and decrease costs while lowering air emissions. More than 50 percent of annual scrap tire supply worldwide is consumed as TDF.*

TDF (Tire-Derived Fuel) Processing: 

► Whole Tires are feed into a Primary Shredder and reduced to
6" -2" inch Rough Shreds. Shreds still contain steel at this stage.
► Rough Shreds can be outputted for use or processed further to remove steel from the rubber resulting in Wire-free TDF.
► Wire-free TDF requires processing through a Secondary
Shredder with steel removal equipment installed.
► Takes approximately 100 passenger tires to make one ton of TDF. **

Quality TDF (Tire-Derived Fuel) Ouput is Demanded in the Following Markets: 

► Fuel for Cement Kilns
► Fuel for Pulp and Paper Mills
► Industrial and Utility Boilers
► Civil Engineering Applications
► Other Tires-to-Energy Facilities
► Clean-Cut TDF Chips for Further Processing

TDF (Tire-Derived Fuel) Benefits:

► TDF is Less Expensive than Fossil Fuels
► Reduces Fossil Fuel Use and Preserves Natural Resources
► MixTDF with Cement Kilns Coal Fuel to Decrease Emissions
► TDF Use Diverts Tires from Landfills and Environment  

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